Q&A: I noticed that I was starting to lose feeling in my clitoris.




I received this message from a woman who wanted to share how she reconnected with her hand after finding that her vibrator was numbing her clitoris. I think she makes an extremely valuable point and I fully endorse masturbating with hands as much as possible before using a vibrator, as well as not sticking to any one masturbation technique or position to prevent getting hooked on one method. One other thing I would like to point out is that many women use vibrators incorrectly in that they push down on the clitoral glans to achieve orgasm. Correct use of a vibrator doesn’t even need to include coming in contact with the actual clitoral glans (the exterior part of the clitoris that is visible outside the body. The clitoris is actually as big as a penis on the inside of a woman’s body). To achieve orgasm with a vibrator and prevent numbing your clit you can indirectly stimulate your clitoris. This involves moving the vibrator over your entire vulva. Thanks for sharing your testimonial T!!!

“Dear Natasha,

In my pre-kid life, I was fortunately blessed with being able to achieve an orgasm within minutes. And by minutes, I mean five tops. This was with my husband. Right before we got pregnant with our daughter, we purchased our first toy. A dildo. After the first use, I was hooked! It was so damn easy to get my orgasm, but little did I know what was happening to my clit while I was achieving these fast paced orgasms. After becoming a little obsessed with my new friend, it began to be quite difficult for me to achieve any orgasm through sex, as well as with my hand. This was depressing. So I stayed with my B.O.B. and this is how I achieved my pleasure. Only thing is, my pleasure was rushed and never fulfilling. I notice that I was starting to lose feeling in my clitoris. I literally could not feel any sensation with it. Now this was DEPRESSING. My marital sex life went in the dumps, and I was left with numb-filled, non-pleasurable orgasms. So, a few months ago, I decided enough was enough. I stopped using my toys cold turkey (not as hard as I thought) and took a break from sex with my husband. Slowly I started to pleasure myself with only my hand, and Wow! What a difference!! I was starting to get feeling back in my clit, and my orgasms were explosive! When my husband and myself can find time to have sex (two kids makes this difficult), the sex is amazing! So I have officially put the toys to rest, and I take time with my hand, and enjoy the orgasm that I am able to give myself. Also, I am able to achieve my orgasms way faster than I could with any toy! High five to myself!!”