Q&A: Why does my vagina stink after having a lot of sex?

Our vagina’s are amazing self cleaners and regulators. We don’t need products to clean them and the less products we use, the better in balance our PH will be – resulting in a normal healthy vagina with a normal flavour and scent to it.
While douches and soaps can actually mess with this, another culprit is sperm. If you have regular or often penis/vag sex and the sperm enters you, you may find that your vagina smells and tastes different. This is because sperm is designed to stay alive and can stay alive for days in your vagina thus affecting the normal balance.
The best way to come back to a healthy ph is to take probiotic supplements. I find it best to just insert one into my vagina rather than taking it orally. It is amazing how fast they absorb into your vaginal walls and your awesome flavour is back! You might notice that the gell capsule (not the contents of it) takes a bit longer to dissolve and that’s okay. You can always reach in and pull it out or giggle at it on your partners penis when you have sex. he he. You can find these probiotics at health food stores and Superstore organic section and they should ALWAYS be refrigerated.
As women we are inundated with products to shame us into thinking our natural scent/flavour is wrong, and we should smell like fake cherries or flowers. No one tells us that fake cherry smell and sperm are actually big culprits here and that our natural scent is gonna be hot to whomever is hot for you – yourself included. (yay for pheromones!)

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day from my cold ass to yours! I hope that we can all feel love within ourselves to have a day sprinkled with self compassion and grace for the journey we’ve travelled, the mistakes we’ve made, our wobbly parts and all things in between. Happy valentines day to me, to you, to life! (And all the warm naked beach days to come)

Expanding My Work To Include Men

I’m so excited that I’ve been getting more and more male clients coming to me for Intimacy Coaching. This work is of my creation and feels like a birthing of all the best and most intimate parts of myself as well as the teachings I’ve received from others. Intimacy Coaching sessions are designed specifically and uniquely by me – for each individual client – based on their concerns, needs and hopes they have for their current or future intimate relationships.
The sessions are a comprehensive mix of my trainings and experiences leading Attachment parenting groups, Sex and Intimacy Counselling, Bodysex Facilitation, Life skills Coaching as well as current trainings in Trauma Integration and Breath work.
Sessions are experiential and intimate – ranging from holding and rocking, loving and compassionate nude or clothed touch, teaching and practicing self regulation, grounding and embodiment practice while nude, genital show and tell to normalize and let go of genital shame, sensate focus touch, learning to slow down, sensual immersion and absorption through engaging the 5 senses, practicing making and holding eye contact, mirroring, interpreting body language, speaking up and asserting needs, boundary work, learning to not take “no” personally, orgasm coaching, overcoming erectile disfunction and effective listening skills.
As mentioned, I create sessions individually based on your needs and give them to you for feedback, questions and to ensure informed consent. Boundaries are clear, written and agreed upon before we begin the sessions. This is not sexual surrogacy but it IS intimacy surrogacy and essentially a practice ground for feeling comfortable in intimate connection with another person.
For me, I see it as an adult re-creation of the intimate foundation and capacity for attuned connection we may have missed out on, in our initial relationship with our primary caregiver.(often our mother).
I LOVE this work and the vulnerability it requires of myself as well as the brave people who show up for it. I grow with each client and learn more about my own capacity and tolerance for intimacy in it.
In the words of a man who just booked some sessions with me:
“I have encountered 3 of your past students in my romantic life and I’m blown away by their strength and agency. I want that.”
For more information you can contact me or follow this link.https://natashasalaash.com/intimacy-coaching/