4 Years ago I attended my first Bodysex workshop hating the body that housed me. I worried that by allowing the women to see me, they’d see how gross I really was and that no one would love me. At that time in my life I kept my body hidden during sex, my eyes closed and covered during orgasm and was ashamed of how I looked, smelled and bled monthly.

To date I have attended 12 Bodysex workshops – 8 of which I have facilitated. I no longer hate this body that looks pretty much the same as it did 5 years ago except maybe has gained a few pounds. I no longer hide in sex, close my eyes in pleasure or feel shame in my bleeding. Through this difficult and at times scary work, I’ve found acceptance in my body, my pleasure, and myself. The more naked I am the more layers of shame I discover and so the work continues. But no matter how naked I am I don’t worry that no one will love me or be okay with my body, because the most important person in my life already is. ME.

I invite you to join me for my Spring Bodysex retreat. Pm me for details. <3


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