A Conscious Journey of Self Awareness through Sexual Discovery: Orgasmic Women Coaching Program

The more I work with women the more I realize that they seek my services for a variety of reasons, with orgasm being one of them, but not the only one. The women I work with want to be orgasmic in all areas of life — desiring self knowledge and understanding of the parts of their physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual selves that have been repressed. Simply put they want to feel more.

Seeing that this desire in other women mirrors my own sexual awakening, I’ve created a 7 part program for those interested in my support and guidance through a conscious and holistic journey of sexual discovery. While the program will be somewhat unique for each person, it’s based in part on steps that I use in my Orgasm Coaching practice (Based on Betty Dodson’s Orgasm Coaching Method) but taken to a deeper and more comprehensive level. I believe that orgasm and pleasure — when practiced consciously — can serve as a gateway into self awareness and sexual awakening.

With the understanding that you have your own unique needs and desires, I’ve incorporated my practical and experiential knowledge of female sexual anatomy, arousal cycles, sensation, breath, movement, sound, pleasure anxiety and orgasm to fit with your individual sexual journey. Taking all of this into account we will use the skills, knowledge and personal goals that you create for yourself, to embark on a conscious journey of sexual awakening which in turn WILL affect other aspects of your life and self. Author and Psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich believed that “The patient who cannot masturbate with satisfaction has not completed his analytic therapy.” I agree wholeheartedly with this belief.

By taking this program you will gain:

1) An understanding of the positive and negative personal experiences that have formed your belief system around your body, pleasure and your current sex life.
2) Knowledge about both your internal and external sexual anatomy which will help you achieve greater sexual pleasure.
3) Understanding of your autonomic nervous system and how optimal functioning of this system is crucial to sexual pleasure. By pinpointing what is inhibiting you from enjoying optimum pleasure we will then work to change this inhibition.
4) Experience full body sensation by engaging all 5 of your senses. This will help you to feel pleasure throughout your entire body – not only limited to your genitals.
5) Practical knowledge and coaching through masturbation techniques and practices to further enhance your sexual relationship with yourself and others in your life.
6) Exercises that can achieve attainable results to help you incorporate breath, movement, sound and pelvic floor engagement into your sex alone and with others in your life. This may include my gentle hands on guidance respecting your own comfort level.
*note: I am your coach — I don’t do any of the work or stimulation for you.
7) Help with any sexual issues/questions you have including subjects that you may consider taboo or off limits to talk about. (fantasy, relationship concerns, fetishes, body image, sexual performance etc.)

These one on one sessions will be be held in my home bi weekly or monthly over the course of 4-7 months with each session lasting 1-3 hours. This allows for time in between sessions to reflect, practice skills learned and identify concrete improvements or areas that need more work. If you live out of town some sessions can be done via Skype, however it’s not possible for all. Certain sessions will be difficult to place a time limit on, while others will have a set time limit. All of this will be discussed together when we begin the program.

Cost for the entire program is $900 and can be paid in full or through monthly installments. Email me for more details or to book.


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