Orgasmic Women: Advanced Bodysex Retreat Saskatoon

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I created this retreat based on what I believe it means to be Orgasmic. As a teenager I remember working with a woman that I just couldn’t take my eyes off of. Everything she did — from the way she walked, to picking raspberries, to her laugh — somehow seemed sensual.  I encountered women like this from time to time after that, and it wasn’t until my late 30’s that I realized what they all had in common. They were all Orgasmic Women. Being orgasmic means embodying a kind of conscious awareness that extends far beyond orgasm:

Being Orgasmic is the ability to be present, aware, open and accepting to experiencing and feeling more. This more can be felt in the mundane as well as in the extraordinary — but requires a willingness to look within ourselves and at the world around us — with the curiosity and wonder that one has when they don’t know what will be discovered. 

Through a process of presence, awareness, experience, acceptance and feeling, being orgasmic becomes us…..and affects the way we interact in the world. Being orgasmic is a full inner and outer body experience connecting us with in as well as with out. 

This retreat will focus on Orgasmic experiences specifically found through breath, movement, sound, internal pleasure, the 5 senses, fantasies, boundaries and witnessed self pleasure. Through being present, aware, open and accepting of what we can feel sexually, we will be awakening the consciousness within ourselves and the world around us.

The 3 day workshop will include:

  • Opening circle, vulva introduction and blessing: To open our circle we will introduce ourselves and our vulva by name, share what our vulva likes, how we pleasure her, how we show her love and what our intention is for her, for the weekend. Each woman anoints her vulva with water to bless her and we welcome her, in her wholeness, to the circle.
  • Journal activities
  • “Mirroring” Movement/Sound practice: Standing in a circle and taking turns expressing ourselves erotically through movement and sound. As one person makes a movement, the others mirror her. (make sounds from each chakra)
  • Self pleasure: in the group with focus on self expression through sound and movement. Begin with pelvic floor release meditation
  • Group Breath work: Inviting in the erotic, pelvic pumps, ecstatic music we participate in a 1 hour conscious, connected Breath work session. Followed by sharing circle.
  • Partnered 5 senses exercise. An exercise to experience pleasure and presence in our bodies through the 5 senses. Each women will be paired up with a partner (they won’t know who their partner is until the end) who will take them through 30 minutes of sensory exploration with touch, smell, taste, sound and finally sight when they hold eye contact for 5 minutes. Then new partners will be chosen for the next round of women to receive.
  • Boundary games: Practice finding your authentic yes and no and asking for what you want.
  • Sharing circles 
  • Vaginal/cervical mapping :This exercise will involve bringing awareness to your vagina,cervix and the different muscles inside of you. This is a partnered exercise and you have the option of practicing with a zucchini, your partners’ fingers or both. This won’t be about sexual stimulation but rather awareness of pleasure and the separate muscles inside our vagina and how we can learn to isolate them. The best results come from feedback from another person feeling your squeeze on their fingers, but you can also work with a zucchini. This is also great practice in boundaries and asking for what you want.
  • Self pleasure: in the group practicing with focus on edging
  • Fantasies, Lusts and Desires Practice: Create a sexual fantasy with a partner and share it with the group.
  • Self pleasure in the group while sharing a fantasy (optional)
  • Witnessing and supporting of self pleasure (partnered activity connecting all of the weekends activities togetherPartner with someone and take turns holding space for each others’ self pleasure. Begin with a conversation on boundaries and what each person needs to feel supported. Could be encouragement, help with barbell, reminders of breath, making sound together, using feathers on skin, or simply holding space with no words or touch at all. (no specifically sexual stimulation) **Natasha and Marika will demonstrate first.
  • Closing sisterhood ceremony

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