Recently I had the absolute pleasure of doing an Orgasm Coaching Session with a woman that I have known for over 10 years. Working so intimately with someone that I am close to, brought up some new insecurities in me – and I’m sure her as well.  However very quickly we relaxed into our nakedness and enjoyed a wonderful day of exploration together. Afterwards she sent me this:

An afternoon with Natasha…

I firmly believe in the sacredness of a woman’s soul. That sexuality is a pathway via missteps, wrong turns, new avenues and exploration. Doors to new rooms can be opened, the wonders realized.
There are many ways to navigate this pathway… conversations, facts, laughter, tears, passion, lust, fear, anxiety, openheartness, kinship.
I spent an afternoon with a friend finding our pathways through many a laugh, doorway, avenue and touch… This sacredness is now ours, sanctity uncovered by naked bodies and souls.

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