I woke up this morning to a wonderful email from my teacher Betty Dodson. In it she wrote “Shine on My bright star. The sisterhood loves and welcomes you.”

With this blessing in mind I set up the space for the Bodysex workshop this weekend. Excited but calm I took the time and intention to be mindful of each of the eleven women who will be sharing this space with me. I feel privileged and humbled to be embarking on this journey with them and I know that I will come out of the weekend knowing more about myself than I did before. Together we will laugh, cry, share and celebrate our pleasure as sisters.


Every woman has her own space and a tray for her homemade lube, vaginal barbell and vibrator.


This is the special place where we will do the “genital show and tell” ceremony. Looking at – and I mean really looking at – our genitals, understanding the functions of our sexual anatomy, and accepting our individual uniqueness are important steps towards embracing our sexuality and our pleasure.


Every sacred circle needs fire.


To my sisters this weekend and all of women in the world, I hope that you find a sisterhood to love and welcome you as well. Here we go……..


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