Upcoming Bodysex Retreats

Bodysex Weekend Spring Retreat

March 27-29 2020, Saskatoon SK, Canada

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Bodysex Weekend Spring Retreat

May 2-3 2020, Quebec, Canada.

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Workshop For Couples

November 23, 2019. Intimacy In Sensuality is a partnered exploration devoted to understanding and expressing sensual love to the most sacred part of each others body – your genitals. This non orgasm focused exploration will involve seeing, touching and curiously feeling both externally and internally as each person is  comfortable.

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Bodysex Q&A's

Have any questions about Bodysex Canada? Here are answers to 17 common questions about the workshop.

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Bodysex Gives Me The Freedom To Be Me

** Photos by Studio Stiina I came into last weekends Bodysex retreat in a super vulnerable state. The past 10 months of my life have been extremely difficult — supporting my son through a loss and learning to navigate parenting my children without another co-parent....

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Letting Go Of Shame Is The Best Release Ever

Three weeks ago I facilitated my 14th Bodysex retreat — the third one in Quebec with Marika. Each retreat I’ve led this past year, I’ve noticed my level of comfortableness and confidence increasing. I’m less concerned about doing it “right” and more able to be present...

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We Are All Goddesses: May Bodysex Retreat 2019

Those who know me, know that I love story telling and fantasy. As I sat down to write about last weekend's Bodysex retreat, I kept seeing the images from it in my mind like some grand fantasy. No matter how hard I tried to stay focused on writing a “proper blog” the...

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A Beautiful Offering From A Previous Bodysex Participant

Sometimes things happen that remind me of the power of Bodysex and the interconnectedness of all who share this experience - even if we never meet. A woman who has participated in 2 of my past Bodysex retreats has given a $200 donation for women who would like to...

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The Bodysex Circle Is Still With Me

Standing in my kitchen in Saskatoon cooking dinner, I’m lost in thought. As happy as I am to be home, it's hard to come back to real life after the the intimacy of a Bodysex circle. I miss the connection, sharing of stories, touch, laughter and pleasure that I felt in...

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New Fall Bodysex Retreat Dates!! (And Testimonial)

"I have been trying to put into words since I got home from your retreat, how it's changed me as a woman, a mother and a lover. I have done a lot of retreats and always come home with little nuggets, but this one. Wow. My entire perspective of life has shifted. I am...

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Bodysex Is The Ultimate Love Affair

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to write about Bodysex retreats because I feel a responsibility to honour the other women through my words and yet, just like in the circle, I can only speak for myself.  I find that each retreat peels another layer off of the armour...

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“I’m Here Because Of My Lineage and It Ends Today”

This past weekend I led a Bodysex retreat away from home for the first time in the 3 years that I’ve been facilitating these circles. I dreamt of bringing Bodysex to other places even before I began this work, but have always held back from actually doing it — with...

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We Are All The Same Body

The beautiful share comes from a woman who has sat in the Bodysex circle with me 5 times. This is Bodysex. ** NSFW I now see humanness in every woman. And a person I know... Like the woman who walks in all beautiful to the gym with her long curly hair. First instinct...

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About my workshops

Bodysex Canada workshop


  • share stories about how we feel about our bodies and orgasms
  • experience the healing power of genital show and tell
  • learn new orgasm techniques incorporating breath, movement, pc muscle, and sound
  • reconnect with our bodies and sexual pleasure to enhance orgasmic potential
  • be part of a circle of sisterhood where our nudity is not only physical but spiritual as well

My workshops are held at Positive Passions, in Saskatoon SK

Booking a workshop

If you are interested in registering for one of my workshops contact me