It’s Normal For Everyone To Experience Problems With Arousal/Erection

I hear from men often in my counselling who struggle with anxiety around performance in sex which leads to difficulty becoming or staying erect. I feel so much empathy for them because our society places huge value on their ability to “perform” and “make a woman cum” and a hard penis is often equated (incorrectly) with that. I can’t imagine if I had to wear my arousal/fears visibly all the time, how exposed and vulnerable I would feel. These fears are common and normal in both men and women and there is nothing wrong with you if it happens to you. In fact I’d question anyone who told me they never experience performance anxiety during sexual intimacy. The great thing though is that there are solutions and this doesn’t need to continue to be a problem for you. Most of us were not raised in homes where intimacy (sexual or not) was modelled in a healthy and vulnerable way. This is one of the main reasons I created my intimacy coaching program. For more information click on this link