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This is the story of a little girl shared with me by her mother who attended my first Bodysex workshop. There her mother learned about and identified the parts of her sexual anatomy, began to feel comfortable in her own skin and expressed this newfound comfort with her daughter.

She expressed it by taking better care of her body, not covering up while changing, showing appreciation for parts of her self that she had previously disliked and by sitting down beside her daughter naked. With the little girl watching, her mother identified and named all the parts of her vulva and their different purposes. Her daughter —fascinated by this — looked at her own vulva and did the same alongside her mom. A year later this happened:

“Mom come here, I have to tell you something!” said the little girl from her bath. Her mother walked in to see her daughter smiling up at her.

“I was just looking at my vulva.”

“Oh yah….And what did you see?” asked her mother.

“Well my clitoris looks like a little hill, and my labia look like peas from the garden.”

Smiling her mother asked if she saw anything else.

“Yah” said the little girl, “I saw beauty.”


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