Workshop For Couples

Natasha and Joshua will lead you as partners, co-facilitators and participants in this intimate group workshop, designed from common concerns/desires that couples in Natasha’s Counseling practice seek help for. Learning to touch with curiosity and presence – without being focused on performance or goals – has the potential to deepen your intimacy and increase your shared capacity for pleasure. 

The content of this workshop will include a mix of group activities and private partner explorations which are aimed at; lessening some of the stigmas around these rarely discussed topics, deepening your intimate connection, increasing pleasure and having FUN. Each couple will have their own “nest” to explore touch in privately, while still remaining in the larger shared space with the rest of the group.

This 8-9 hour workshop format is:

January 20th, 1pm

  • Circle time. Group introduction, guidelines and confidentiality agreements.
  • Learning and self exploration into what gets in the way of experiencing our full potential in pleasure
  • Waking up the hands exercise.
  • Snack
  • Couples practice curious touch on each other (non genital touch)
  • Supper
  • Group game
  • Live demonstrations on using curious, non goal oriented touch to explore partners body including genitals. The demos will include full nudity with the purpose of creating a clear understanding of the exercises, modelling emotional support, vulnerability and safety. 
  • Break 
  • Couples enter their “nests” and take turns practicing full body curious touch (including genitals)
  • Circle share. 
  • Workshop over for the night — couples can enjoy intimacy together in their private bedrooms. 

January 21st, 9am

  • Breakfast (couples make their own)
  • Closing integration circle

What’s included:

  • Full workshop
  • Accommodations including private rooms and shared bathrooms
  • Snacks, coffee, tea

What to Bring:

  • Blankets, pillows, foam mat or yoga mat – anything comfy to make a bed/nest for you and your partner to comfortably practice exercises. 
  • Food and beverages for your supper and breakfast. (coffee and tea will be provided)
  • A curious and open attitude



  • There will be facilitator nudity during the demos with the purpose of creating a clear understanding of how to touch in this way as well as to model emotional support, vulnerability and safety.
  • You and your partner will be nude in your own nest while in the same room as other couples. The nest includes a mosquito net around you, salt lamp and your own bedding/mat to make it comfortable. Part of the group safety we establish in the opening circle will emphasize how to ensure a safe and respectful environment for each other. This includes, but isn’t limited to, not staring at other couples while they practice their touch explorations. It is important that you understand though, that it is likely that you will see others and be seen — at least your silhouette through the net.


How to Register:

Email with questions, concerns or to send your deposit of $200. Full payment due before January 20th. 


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