A Sensual Experience: Intimate Date Night for Couples

“I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. WOW.” – Previous participant

June 4th 2021, 7pm – 10pm.

Experienced in the comfort of your own home.

$75/individual, $150/couple (due upon registration)

Registration deadline May 16th

* max 10 couples (welcome to all genders/sexual orientations)

A sensual experience is a partnered exploration of pleasure as experienced through the 5 senses of sound, taste, smell, touch and sight. Alone in your home, hotel or private space each individual will take turns leading their blindfolded partner through prepared sensory experiences, designed to wake each of their senses to the pleasure that can be felt when focused attention is placed on them. You don’t need any previous skills or techniques to do this experience. Just simply the willingness to try.

This highly erotic experience is wonderful for all couples and can be especially beneficial if you identify with any of the following:

  • Have felt disconnected in your intimacy and want a way to bridge the disconnect
  • Are interested in exploring higher sexual practices and are looking for a starting point
  • Experience performance issues in sex
  • Desire to feel more pleasure
  • Have difficulty giving or receiving
  • Take your 5 senses for granted
  • Are open to exploring new things and having fun
  • You want a hot, intimate night with your partner

How does it work?
I will prepare kits for each registered couple including all of the props needed for the experience. Each sense will have a variety of items designed to awaken you through that sense. The kit will also include detailed, easy instructions and tips on how to deliver the experience, labels for each sense (making for easy access), blind fold, homemade lube, link to a playlist and candle. Kits will be delivered to your door (Saskatoon residents) by 5pm on the 4th. Kits will include perishable and non perishable items so need to be used within 48 hours. The non perishable items can be put back into the kit and used again and again in the future – providing you endless experiences.
*if you are from out of town you can arrange to pick up your kit from my house

June 4th, 7pm – 8pm (max)
  • Zoom session. Introductions, instructions and details about the experience. This is a time for you to ask questions and for myself to provide tips.
8pm – 10pm 
  • 50 minutes sensory experience guided by your partner.
  • Switch roles
  • 50 minutes sensory experience guided by your partner
June 6th, 11am-12pm (optional)
  • Zoom session. Time for couples to share their experience if they wish and anything that came up from it. This session is optional and allows time for couples who can’t do the experience until the 5th, to attend.
Contact me to register at natashasalaash21@gmail.com or 306-241-2408. Space is limited.


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