Dana Kellett is a photographer uniquely talented in combining and capturing the beauty of nature and women in a simple, organic way. It is her belief that everyone should experience the empowerment and emancipation that results from being nude in nature, and that this is especially powerful when shared in sisterhood.

While the resulting unaltered nude or semi-nude photos serve as a memento of the experience; it is the freedom and celebration of nudity in nature with other women, that you will carry forward.


 $125/person for Bodysex workshop participants
$150/person for private sessions

Photo shoots require 3 people – photographer, subject, and a friend to coach,
support and share nudity in sisterhood.

Send an email for enquiries or to book a shoot. Bookings are limited.

This is a chance to see yourself in the light that others see you.

My Personal Experience

Early on in my sexual awakening my friend Dana showed me photos that she had taken of her and another woman outside in the nude. The photos were absolutely stunning yet what struck me the most wasn’t their physical bodies, but how they seemed to feel in them. They looked empowered, alive, joyful, and free – while at the same time blending into the landscape rather than being separate from it.

When I asked her about this she explained her belief that everyone should spend time nude in nature and experience the emancipation that goes along with it. To her it wasn’t about the finished product or photos, but about the time spent feeling the sun, wind or rain on your body. About standing naked amongst the trees, feeling grass or sand on your toes and sharing space with bugs and the unpredictable elements that go along with nature. Being naked outside can make a person feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves.

I was intrigued, but equally terrified at this idea. I didn’t wear shorts in the summer because I hated my legs and never let anyone see my stomach which had carried four children and showed visible markers of that. Being naked in front of anyone seemed like an impossibility. Months passed by however and with the seed of inspiration planted in my head, I danced with the possibility of one day doing it myself.

The opportunity arose again and me and another friend were invited, by Dana, for a photo shoot at a beautiful spot along the river. We agreed to go with the assurance that we only get as naked as we feel okay with. I was adamant that there could be no stomach or bum photos, and anything more than that never entered my mind as an option so it wasn’t even brought up.

Very quickly we fell into the unspoken roles of Dana as the photographer, me as the subject and my friend as the encourager. To help me relax she also took off some of her clothes and began to tell me how she saw me. She said that she thought my neck was beautiful and my back was stunning. She commented on the smoothness of my shoulders and how my skin glowed in the light of the sun.

As the woman receiving this love, in such a vulnerable situation, it was difficult to accept at first. But with each word that she spoke to me, my dress got lower, smile more authentic and posture more proud. I began to feel free and beautiful and the dress that had protected me, now seemed to be confining me. So I took it off.

When it came my turn to be the encourager, I found the experience to be equally as special. It was a privilege to be able to see her in this way and to have the opportunity to express to her exactly what I saw. I told her how much I loved the curves of her hips and her breasts. That she looked beautiful with the sun on her face and that I had never before noticed the elegance of her hands.

As our courage built and the magic of the experience began to settle in, we started to show our scars, our wobbly parts and also more of our inner selves. So much of my identity was tied into how I thought I should look and by allowing another woman to see me just as I am, I was able to move away from that identity towards acceptance of who I actually am. In her eyes I was beautiful and her words and expression of my beauty were so sincere that it was hard to doubt. We spent hours taking photos amongst trees and shrubs, inhaling the beautiful smell of fall, laughing together, laying down in the grass and listening to birds. The three of us formed a bond that day as sisters and that bond is one that will never go away.

Afterwards I felt like I could do anything and was addicted to that feeling of freedom – of being naked with fresh air on my skin – and of sisterhood. I was alive and I couldn’t wait to do it again.

So I did. I have experienced Nude in Nature photos during all four Canadian seasons, with different “sisters” each time. I bared my body in the snow, wearing only hand made leather boots. In the river in the summer with nothing but the cool water against my skin. On the beach, by the ocean, on rocks, and in trees.

With more practice, Dana and I learned that the formula we started with is the best way to do it. The power of the experience is lost without a third person taking the role of the encourager, and yet too large of a group compromised the integrity of what we are doing. A sense of reverence over the experience and everyone involved is necessary.

As we continued to do these photos, we all began to change. We went from being adamant about only take off one piece of clothing to walking naked to a new location because that felt better than begin clothed. I saw that I used my clothes and my body issues as armour. loathing my body allowed me to keep myself small, stopped me from pursuing my dreams, and was a way of avoiding surrendering in sex. Taking that armour off – and surviving – helped me to see that I am okay just as I am.

I believe that the way to come to a place of acceptance with our own body is by experiencing the vulnerability of being naked with other women. When we see, hear and feel their acceptance, as we reveal our inner and outer selves, we begin to heal and shed the shame that has kept us covered.