“Orgasm and pleasure — when practiced consciously — can serve as a gateway into self awareness and sexual awakening.” – NS

Private Orgasm Coaching Session

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions for women of all sexual orientations who have been unable to experience orgasm alone or with a partner, have concerns regarding their orgasms, or who would like to learn new and different techniques to enhance their pleasure. These skills can be applied to sex alone and with a partner.

Because relaxation is key to arousal and pleasure, Orgasm Coaching is ideally experienced in stages, giving your nervous system (system in your body involved in pleasure) opportunity to relax and feel safe with me. I set aside 6 hours for this session which, depending on a person’s location in proximity to me, could be done all at once or (most ideally) in 3, 2 hour time frames.

This unique method of orgasm coaching was created by Betty Dodson: artist, author, and PhD Sexologist who has been one of the principal voices for women’s sexual pleasure and health for over three decades. Sadly, Betty passed away in 2020 at the age of 91, but thankfully her legacy lives on through those who carry on her work. I was trained and certified by Betty in 2015 and, while I credit Betty wholeheartedly for teaching me her method, I’ve personalized it by incorporating a client centered focus and placing emphasis on shared vulnerability, self touch and learning to orgasm without the use of toys (if the client wishes.) The sessions have a format, however they will also be focused on what each individual wants from them. As each of us are unique, so will each session be, as there is no ”one size fits all”.


Orgasm Coaching involves (general format that will differ slightly for each woman)


• Discuss sexual history and current sex life with self and partner if there is one, as well as feelings regarding
pleasure, body shame, intimacy, masturbation, partner sex. This is a time to talk about ANYTHING and everything to do with sex/pleasure/etc. and ask questions, get to know me and help your nervous system begin to relax. This is also a time for you to share current issues you are having and what you are hoping to gain and learn from Coaching.

• Genital Show and Tell: Side by side, looking together at our genitals in a mirror and identifying the parts and functions of our clitoral glans, clitoral shaft, clitoral hood, inner and outer labia, vagina, urethra, pc muscle; understanding and acceptance of our sexual anatomy is the foundation of sexual pleasure. (We will also view a diagram of the internal clitoral structure and “g-spot”) Because I believe in the power of shared vulnerability, I do this with you, starting by showing you all the parts of my vulva and then we move on to yours. We will discuss and explore ways you currently touch yourself and different techniques to try. This “ceremony” can be deeply moving and closes with naming and creating a wish for our vulvas.

• Self pleasure practice; Enhancing your current masturbation practice or learning how to begin if you have never touched/pleasured yourself before. This may include but is not limited to:
• an introduction to sensate focus touch and different self- loving techniques to increase pleasure,
• practice and instruction in the best way to use vibrators and sex toys.
• Rock and roll orgasm method – rocking your pelvis, squeezing and releasing your PC muscle while fully
breathing and stimulating your clitoris with and without a stainless steel vaginal barbell inside your vagina (This helps women get used to masturbating with external and internal stimulation while mimicking movements during sex ie: transferable to partner sex)
• Playing with use of breath, sound and movement to increase sexual pleasure leading up to and during orgasm
• My hands-on and instructional guidance beside you as we concentrate on your masturbation practices leading to
orgasm, while also dealing with any associated sexual concerns that you may have

Women only. Fee is $650 for all three sessions (6hours)


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