Q&A: The inner lips of my vulva stick out of my outer lips. Is something wrong with me?

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Dear Natasha,
I don’t like how the inner lips of my vulva stick out of my outer lips. I am embarrassed to let guys see me naked or go down on me. I have looked at porn and the woman don’t look like me. Is something wrong with me?


Dear M.,
This question is extremely common and one that I hear so often from women. In fact I used to feel ashamed of this in myself and tried to push my lips in so they wouldn’t stick out. Please listen to me when I say that there is NOTHING at all wrong with you! Vulva styles vary greatly (as you can see from Betty Dodson’s drawings at the top of this post) and the style that you are referring to, where the inner lips are bigger than the outer lips, is the most common style. It is unfortunate that today’s porn rarely contains representations of this style and this is hugely damaging to women’s body image. The current trend seems to be in favour of tiny inner lips tucked into the outer lips. While this vulva style is beautiful as well it isn’t the only or best way to be. Many of the women in porn undergo a surgery called labiaplasty in order to obtain that look. Vulva’s – like penis’s – are all different but they are all normal. There is no one way that a vulva should be.

When I do private orgasm coaching or run Bodysex workshops, we always do a “Genital Show and Tell” as part of it. This is where we open our vulva’s up and find our clitoris, urethra, vaginal opening, and inner and outer lips. Most women have never properly looked at themselves in this way and they are astonished by what they see. During this “show and tell” I explain and demonstrate different self touching techniques to help women learn different and better ways to bring them selves to orgasm. These demonstrations involve clitoral stimulation of the external clit, but that’s not all. The more inner lips that you have, the more skin there is to touch therefore there are more things you can do with them. These lips are full of nerve endings and touching them helps to give your entire clit(inner and outer) an erection. The more you play with them the better your orgasm can be. I love teaching these techniques but you can learn them yourself by taking the time to try out what feels best for you. Also for women who have extremely sensitive clits the lips can be used as a barrier over top of the clit when rubbing.

We are beautiful as we are – big lips or small lips – and I never tire of seeing each woman’s uniqueness. My suggestion to you is to get naked, grab some coconut oil, and start loving those big lips of yours. Be grateful for all of the extra nerves you have that will bring you to greater heights of pleasure. Be grateful that they can be sucked, pulled and teased by a lover who loves you just as you are. Give your vulva a hug with your hand and tell her that she is okay just as you are okay – exactly as you are. If anyone tells you that you should look different or that you aren’t okay they aren’t worth a minute of your time. LOVE those vulva lips!!!

Take care and enjoy exploring pleasure,
love Natasha

To view more real vulva’s go to //www.labialibrary.org.au/photo-gallery/#

Q&A: Deep penetration sometimes hurts


Q&A pain during penetration

Dear Natasha,

Sometimes when I have sex with my husband it feels like his penis is going too deep and hitting something inside me that hurts. This happens mostly when I’m on top or if we do it doggy style and the pain is really sharp. His penis is normal size and I have had sex before him with a bigger penis that didn’t hurt. Can you help me?

Dear D.

Thanks for your question! You are definitely not alone with this concern as I hear it often from women. It feels like his penis is hitting something because it is. It’s hitting your cervix. An interesting fact that many people don’t realize is that when a woman is aroused, her cervix/uterus actually lifts. This lifting is called “ballooning” and it adds length to your vagina making room for deeper penetration. So if deep penetration is hurting you I suspect that you are not adequately aroused when you have sex. One of my favourite things to demonstrate, during a private orgasm coaching session with a woman, is this cervical lift. When she first puts the dildo inside her vagina it will usually only fit half way. I put a mirror in front of her vagina to show her this and, after she stimulates her clitoris for awhile, I bring the mirror back so that she can see that the dildo is now all the way in. Most women are blown away by this.

It’s a sad fact that many women are having sex when they aren’t adequately aroused. If you and/or your partner take enough time to touch your clitoris before penetration, this pain won’t be a problem. Having deep sex – before your arousal is sufficient to lift and move the uterus and cervix out of the way – is going to hurt. The key to pain free penetrative sex is understanding that it takes a woman 20-30 minutes of adequate clitoral stimulation in order for her to be fully aroused.

Once a woman is aroused positions where she is on top or behind are great for penetrating that deep place. In fact many women talk about how amazing deep penetration feels and they like the feeling of the head of a penis gently nudging their cervix. Deep penetration also feels fantastic for the man because it’s almost like his penis has entered another room. Being deeply penetrated while at the same time stimulating your clit externally can make for one of the most powerful orgasms that you will ever have. If you are trying this during doggy style make sure that you have something like a couch to lean on so that you can comfortably free up one hand.

I recommend that you take the time to show your partner how you like to be touched before and during penetration.  Teasing and touching a woman until she can’t take it anymore and needs that penetration seems to be a lost art. I think we as women can and should do our part in teaching it. If he isn’t patient enough or doesn’t know how to touch you the way that you want, then you can do it to yourself while he watches. Hopefully he will learn something and you will get the arousal you need for that deep spot.
Let me know how it goes.

Q&A: When I masturbate my clit seems numb

Dear Natasha,
When I masturbate my clit seems to be numb and there is hardly any sensation at all when I touch it. It starts off okay but then after about ten minutes it’s like my clit just gets bored and shuts off. I can get orgasms from penetrating myself with a dildo but they are short and more like tension orgasms. I want to learn to have deeper orgasms from my clit. Can you help me?


Dear K.

Yes I can help you! First of all I want you to know that you are not alone in this. Many women approach me with this same problem. A clitoris that is non responsive is a clit that hasn’t received enough attention. Your clit needs to be awakened by your own gentle touch. Through regular, soft touch she will begin to respond but it is a process that takes time and practice – and lots of it!

I suggest that you begin by taking coconut oil, or your favourite lube, and softly touching your entire vulva. Touch your inner and outer lips, the entrance to your vagina, pubic mound, and thighs. Brush past your clit every now and then – to let her know there is more coming for her – but don’t try to directly stimulate her. Don’t skimp on time for this. Allow for a half an our of just soft touching and do it often – while watching t.v, before falling asleep etc.

Your clitoris is much more than just the external glans that you can see on the outside. It extends deep inside your body as demonstrated in this short video. It is important to understand not only the external structure of your clitoris, but the internal as well. You mentioned that you can get orgasms from penetration alone. All orgasms come from indirect or direct stimulation of the clitoris. This means that a “vaginal” orgasm is also a clitoral orgasm. With practice you can learn to stimulate yourself externally and internally which will lead to deeper and more intense orgasms. The more you touch your whole vulva, the more your clit will wake up and learn to respond. By touching the surrounding area you are teasing your clit out. With practice the pleasure from this touch will become so intense that you will know exactly when it is time to touch your clit to induce an orgasm.

Another thing that I want to mention is that it sounds like you are putting pressure on yourself to perform. Any time we feel pressured in sex – solo or partner – it creates a kind of performance anxiety. You might think that anxiety is a big word and that it has to mean something huge. But the way sexual arousal works is that it engages both your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. One is responsible for expending energy and the other is responsible for relaxation. Arousal requires BOTH systems to be functioning in order for orgasm to happen. You cannot make yourself feel relaxed.

If you are touching yourself and feeling some arousal at the beginning but it drops off, the most likely reason is that you are pressuring yourself to perform (orgasm). This will never work. The clitoris needs to fill with blood in order to orgasm. At the slightest hint of anxiety your body is no longer relaxed, and in an instant the blood rushes from your genitals into your limbs preparing for fight or flight. This is a physiological response to anxiety and one that you can’t control except by finding ways to feel relaxed. For me – focusing on my touch and the exact point where my fingers are touching my skin – I am able to stay in my body and out of my head. For some it is a mantra. Through practice you can figure out what works best for you, but try to first focus on just touching for pleasure alone and not with orgasm as a goal.

Lastly you mentioned tension orgasm. This is how most women learn to orgasm as a teenager. We hold our breath, keep our body straight and apply some sort of pressure to our clitoris. To learn how to change this pattern, begin with breathing through your arousal and orgasm. I know that this sounds really difficult to do but changing this one thing will intensify your pleasure 100 times. Breath is the life blood of an orgasm.

Remember to not expect instant success. It’s the same as easing yourself into a cold swimming pool. It takes time for your body to get used to the temperature and feel of the water. Just jumping in doesn’t feel good. Your clit has been neglected and needs to learn to accept and want this touch. Make her beg for it and you will be rewarded! Everything takes time but, with practice and patience, your clit will become a source of incredible pleasure in your life. Let me know how it goes!

Enjoy the pleasure,

Q&A: Some nights I would rather just masturbate so I don’t have to feel like a failure during sex



Dear Natasha,

I’m looking for some advice. When my husband and I have sex we start by massaging each other and then he goes down on me. I love both of these things but they don’t make me cum and he always seems to wish that they would. When I get so turned on and feel like I can’t take it anymore, I ask him to fuck me. Doggy style is our favourite position so we usually start this way and after about ten minutes I can tell that he is ready to cum but wants me to first. The rhythm will be good and I will be so horny but I just can’t cum without my clit being rubbed too. Sometimes he reaches around and tries to rub it but it’s hard for him to give the pressure and touch that I need to orgasm. After awhile his hand will drop away and Its obvious that he’s getting tired of doing it. He’ll say “I want you to cum” and this just makes me feel more pressure to hurry up. No matter how turned on I am I know that there’s no way I’m going to cum this way. At this point I can tell that he’s feeling frustrated – like he’s failing me somehow. I decide to just fake it so that he can cum and neither of us have to feel bad anymore. After he gets off, I go to the bathroom to clean up, lay on the floor, rub my clit and get off really fast. It’s really easy to orgasm at this point cause I am so turned on from the sex. Some nights I would rather just masturbate so that I don’t have to feel like a failure during sex. Do you have any advice for me?”

Thanks so much,


Dear H,
I hear this kind of problem all the time and in fact it’s the most common question that I get asked. First of all please understand that MOST women do not orgasm from penetration alone and this is totally normal. I have many emails from women saying that they get off alone after having had sex with their partners!

IMO the best and most consistent way for you to learn to orgasm during sex is through masturbation. It sounds like you know how to pleasure yourself alone but have you considered incorporating this skill into sex with your husband? I get that this idea might seem shocking and impossible but if you take small steps to get there, I think you will both be very happy.

First of all if you can let your husband watch you masturbate it’s the best way for him to learn exactly what kind of touch works for you. Every woman is different and it takes time to know what someone likes. Masturbating in front of him is like a tutorial on how to get you off. How can that be a bad thing?

Or you might find that he enjoys watching you touch yourself so much that it makes sense for you to focus on that while he takes care of the penetration side of sex. The best kind of orgasms are a combination of both vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. You can use your hand or a toy to stimulate your clit during sex but keep in mind that certain positions make it easier to do this – doggy style against a couch(you need to be able to lean on something so that you can free up a hand), reverse cowgirl, or him kneeling in front of you while you sit back on the couch or bed.

You may wonder how to bring up the topic of masturbation with him. I get how hard this can be and it took 32 years for me to admit to anyone that I masturbated. (now look at me!!!) But really most of us do. If you are really scared you could tell him you stumbled across a website where a sex educator says that the best way to enhance sex is to masturbate during it( natashasalaash.com ) You can make a joke to him about it and with that you’ve planted a seed. Depending on what he is like he will probably be thrilled to watch and it might be more a matter of getting you past your fears of doing it in front of him.

If that is the case here are some steps to help you ease into it. These, by the way, are tried and tested by myself as I had to learn how to do this as well.

  • Begin by blindfolding him and masturbating beside him in the room. It still may take a few tries to relax enough to cum, but once you do you’re ready for the next step.
  • The next step is to take his blindfold off and make him promise to look away while you get off. Make sure he knows that if he looks he dies. It’s important for you to not have to worry about being seen. This fear is all in your head and you need to be completely relaxed in order for the orgasm to flow.  Once you can do this, you are ready to let him watch.

Don’t expect too much the first time you try in front of him. Masturbation is highly intimate and it’s okay to be nervous. But practice makes perfect and it is so hot to watch a woman give herself pleasure.

As long as he can let go of the idea that he has to solely give you your orgasms, adding your own touch to your sex life will mean more pleasure for both of you. Plus it frees up his hands to touch other erogenous zones on your body.

Let me know how it goes!