I’m super excited to announce my Spring Bodysex dates in Saskatchewan and Quebec!

When I attended my first Bodysex workshop 5 years ago, I saw my sexuality as separate from who I was — not really sure what I liked or didn’t because it was so far from being a true part of me. Sex was something I offered when I wanted closeness in my relationship, and with held when I didn’t. Masturbation was in a box of it’s own, brought out at rare times when I needed some kind of relief —always accompanied with shame for taking it. When my sexuality excited me I felt a need to contain it — as if I was possessed by some foreign body and wasn’t quite sure I could trust it. When it disappointed me I added it to the list of disappointing parts of myself and pushed it away further. 

Through the process of taking off my clothes, sharing my stories and consciously practicing self pleasure and orgasm, I now understand that my sexuality isn’t a thing, an act, or a behaviour.  It’s who I am. It’s in the way I move, eat, breathe, dance, make love, work, play, touch others and touch myself. It’s in my curiosity, my vulnerability and my way of experiencing life. My history of offering or denying it negated myself in it. Today, I choose to live it.  And in living it I’ve learned to trust it because it isn’t an it at all. It’s me. 




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