Bodysex® is a transformative and undefinable weekend long sex focused immersion for women, of all ages and sexual orientations, interested in the empowering freedom that comes from shedding the masks, roles and clothing that we hide behind everyday. This sex positive, nude workshop centers on body acceptance, letting go of shame, collective consciousness raising, creating sisterhood and celebrating self pleasure. Bodysex® is led by Natasha Salaash, who is trained as a Betty Dodson® certified Bodysex® facilitator, Trauma Informed Practitioner, Sex and Intimacy Counsellor, Breath worker and Sexual assault Crisis line support worker. Her approach is present, grounded, skilled, practical and vulnerable as she not only holds space for the participants but is also a participant herself. Natasha’s style of facilitation is guided by her belief in the healing power of shared vulnerability and, with this as her principle, will not invite anyone to be vulnerable in a way that she is unwilling to go herself. 

Saskatoon Bodysex® Retreats are held at a private retreat centre near Saskatoon SK. Canada. It’s the perfect place to relax, be taken care of and just be. Participants are fed healthy home made meals lovingly prepared and catered to all dietary restrictions and preferences by Tempest of AuroraStar Health.  Natasha’s assistant and extremely talented Henna artist Justine Lustig travels all the way from British Columbia to adorn each participants’ body with a henna design of their choosing. The Betty Dodson® certified workshop consists of 5 hours of structured activity each day plus an integration circle on the final morning. The rest of the time, participants are welcome to walk trails along the south Saskatchewan river, spend time alone, read books from Natasha’s sex library, masturbate or talk/ask questions about all topics pertaining to sex, love intimacy and more with Natasha and the other participants.


The two day workshop will include: 

  • Sacred circle where, in first person, we share how we feel about our bodies and our orgasms. This is the time to leave in the circle any shame that has been holding us back from fully celebrating our pleasure.  Through this, the roots of sisterhood will begin forming as we accept each other for who we are. No more and no less.
  • Group genital show and tell. This is a powerful and sacred ceremony where, with Natasha’s guidance and support, we display our vulva one at a time, identify all of the parts of our sexual anatomy and recognize the beauty and diversity amongst us. Each vulva is named and welcomed by all the women in the circle. 
  • Learn new methods to enhance our orgasms and our self loving practice. Understanding our sexual anatomy, how breath, movement, sound and our pc muscle work to enhance our pleasure on all levels. Teaching of the “window of tolerance” and how it creates a framework for our intimacy and how to transform it into a tool of self awareness and self-regulation to create the pleasure and intimacy that we desire. Participants will also learn tools to “come back to their body” during pleasure when our heads can mess things up. 
  • Guided touch meditation and self loving, side by side, in the circle during “erotic recess.” Sharing our own pleasure, without expectation, with other women can be one of the most powerful experiences that you will ever have. This is about learning to be our own lover, healing body shame, overcoming sexual guilt and sharing in sisterhood. This is also an opportunity for me to help support you, towards orgasm or increased pleasure if you have never orgasmed or are having difficulty and would like help.
  •  Group massage. This ancient practice is almost impossible to describe in words. It is a transcendent experience where we are able to give and receive loving, non sexual touch from the other women in the circle.


Retreat Details:

Location: Retreat centre outside Saskatoon SK. Canada of which the exact location will be disclosed to registered participants only. (transportation to and from Saskatoon to the retreat can be provided if needed)

Dates: 1pm on April 29th 2022 – 1pm on May 1st 2022. 

Cost: $650 CDN. Participants are welcome to bring their own vibrator (BYOV), use their hands or purchase one from Natasha. Included in this fee is the full Bodysex® workshop, meals catered to all dietary restrictions by AuroraStar Health, intuitive and collaborative henna design by Justine from Studio Stiina, healthy snacks, private and/or shared accommodation for 2 nights.

$300 NRF deposit on registration. Payment plans are welcome – contact Natasha to create payment schedule. 

Space is limited to 10 participants and the retreat will be held twice a year only — once in Spring and once in early Winter

Register: on website here or email for all enquiries.


Betty Dodson® and Bodysex® are registered trademarks of the Betty Dodson Foundation




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